Training Overview

Inside 503 Lesson Instruction and Training how we accomplish YOUR child's goal


Hitting Lessons

503 Baseball Hitting classes are a great way to interact with others while being provided with individual training. Each player receives a full fundamental breakdown of the swing through slow motion video analysis of MLB Hitters. Each player keeps a lesson journal to log the feedback that is provided by the instructor. The feedback includes fundamental adjustments and drills they should be focusing on at home.

These classes provide focused repetition through tee drills and short Toss. Short Toss includes situational hitting and competitive drills. The tee work is specifically designed to strengthen the player's ability to make the physical fundamental adjustments for their individual swing.


Pitching Lessons

503 Pitching Classes is made up in a 3 Phase progression program that includes arm care, core balance, and momentum drills. We know every athlete is unique and cannot be trained to move all the same.

We give the athlete the proper mechanics that is best suited for the individual based on their athletic makeup. We provide the athlete with slow motion video analysis to determine what mechanical adjustments they need to make that will allow them to use their bodies more efficiently.

Once we identify the mechanical issues we then can subscribe the proper focus drills for the athlete.

Once the athlete is well conditioned and ready to manage their bodies properly only then will we introduce them to the pitcher’s mound. When given the opportunity to pitch off the mound the athlete will go through a progression that allows them to focus on their own mechanical adjustments without hurting themselves due to over throwing.


Catching Lessons

503 Catching classes is a great way to learn receiving, blocking and throwing drills in small group setting. 

Receiving drills teach catchers how to properly get into receiving position to present the baseball to the umpire for optimal strike calls. 
Throwing drills are designed to help the individual not only to throw properly, but reduce the catch and exchange time to have a quicker release. 
The blocking drills will help the individual understand what type of blocking style works best for him. The most important aspect to the fundamentals of blocking is to reduce the chances of the player getting injured. The drills will also improve the players quick twitch muscles to help quicken their reactions when required for blocking.